Our Story

GBH USA Inc is a family style Financial Services Corporation with more than 30 years of experience in structuring payment solutions for financial entities.

Throughout the years GBH has developed long standing strategic alliances with top rated financial institutions all over the globe that allow it to offer a wide range of robust services which add up to a vertically integrated holistic approach to payment solutions.

Our Approach

With the advent of Hyperledger technology GBH recognized the importance of being amongst the first to switch to a holistic payment method that includes combining the financial, technological and Marketing needs of its clients.

Meet the Team

We are a family with over a hundred years of experience in the financial and payments industry

Pablo A. Emaldi

Founder & CEO

Pablo Emaldi is a veteran of creating and managing global strategic alliances to build relationships for organizations and individuals

Martin Antoniazzi

Vice President

Fintech and Marketing solutions expert currently pursuing a Blockchain solutions certification from MIT

Dr. Sindhu Ratna

AML / Compliance Director

SWIFT Payments system expert with decades of experience in the AML and compliance departments

Contact Us

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